mAAgic Flight 2018

The Foundation was pleased to operate TWO mAAgic Flights for 2018!  mAAgic Flight -1- landed in Orlando FL September 13 AND mAAgic Flight -2- October 16th. Both were a brilliant successes! Our hearts go out to the many volunteers and donors that made mAAgic come to life.  mAAgic Flight 2019 planning is in the works!!  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates...

Volunteer sign-up is ready


Come join us - September 14 and 15 - and help create some mAAgical memories for 25 children and their families.!


If you are an American Airlines employee, please go to Jetnet to sign up using  the DoCrew Volunteer link.  Look for the event with the word "mAAgicflight".


If you are a former AA employee or just wish to volunteer at this years event please contact a current AA employee to have them sign you up


Thank you for helping create the mAAgic. Please direct questions to